Once upon a time...

...a young girl started a business, photographing horses.

She fell in love with being self employed and she wished all women could experience getting up to do a job that they loved every day.

So she started showing them how to build the business of their dreams...

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end!

​(Ha! If only, right?!)

Hey, I'm Sophie...

I uncomplicate social media marketing for women who run great British businesses!

When I started my niche photography business, NOBODY believed it would work. Everyone thought it was a cute creative side-hustle that might earn me a bit of pocket money (if I was lucky)!

But I believed in it! And that's all it needed.

I became obsessed with working out the best way to market my business on social media and get my message in front of my dream clients.

And I became one of the leading equine photographers in the UK, experienced opportunities I could only have dreamed of and created my dream life!!

And I want to give you the tools and knowledge you need, to do the same...

what you need to know

About Me

It is my mission to empower women to feel confident about showing up online for their business.

Giving them the tools to create content consistently

& the training to achieve clarity surrounding the unique message they have to share!

Get to know me with these

Quick Fire Questions


City or country?

Tea or coffee?

Favourite colour?

Mocktail or cocktail?

Morning or night?

One OAP Cocker Spaniel called Barney, a Snow Lynx Bengal called Bentley and a 10 year old rescue tortoise called George


Tea. Milky, one sugar, please

Navy blue


Before I had kids I was a late riser and total night owl. Now my 1-yr-old gets up at 5am, so I guess that makes me an involuntary early worm

As you read this

I'm probably doing one of 2 things...

  1. I'll be in my office creating resources & content to help you build your business.

  2. I'll be chasing my 2 little girls around, bribing them with snacks and trying to figure out this mum-life!

Because that's 90% of my glamourous, working-mum life right now! And I love it!

Is your business allowing you to live a life you love?

I want to help you get there, too...

@ Copyright 2023 - Sophie Callahan