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marketing & mindset coach

Hey, I'm Sophie...

A photographer & marketing coach who takes the stress out of social media for beautiful, female led, British businesses.

I help women show up with consistency, confidence & clarity, in order to grow online and make more money!

I'm a mum-of-girls, a tea drinker, a horse fanatic and I'd love to be your new business best-friend!

Sophie. x

here's how i can help you...

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take the stress out of social media with

The Social Media Planner

The Social Media Planner

The ultimate content toolkit & training for female small business owners to achieve consistency on social media, without ever feeling overwhelmed about what to post.

Content prompts, caption templates, fortnightly training bundles, stock images... & more!

the podcast

What If It All Works Out?

I get to work with a lot of wonderful small business owners in my job and everybody has something to teach us.

This podcast allows me to share the stories, the messages and the lessons that I get to hear from other incredible individuals, with you!

From other coaches, experts, people who’ve achieved success, overcome challenges, had life changing experiences, found fame, reinvented themselves… there are all kinds of people with all kinds of stories, that we can gain inspiration from.

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Here's Why Posting About Your Products & Services More WON'T Make You More Sales

Here's Why Posting About Your Products & Services More WON'T Make You More Sales

What if I told you that posting about your products and services more on social media won't make you more sales? Hear me out… ...more


March 29, 20232 min read

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