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Do This To Create Instantly Recognisable Content

February 15, 20241 min read

Ready for a handy tip for creating recognisable, visual content for your business?

Create a repeated series of images. 📸

Here’s why… 👉🏻 Your audience will enjoy the predictability and familiarity of your series and come to anticipate seeing it. We love it when things feel familiar.

Choose a subject (or more than one, if you fancy) and photograph that subject over and over again, over time.

Some ideas could be...
📸 Your desk or table top
📸 A window, or a view from your home or at work, during different seasons
📸 Books you’ve been reading lately
📸 Your product in lots of different exciting places
📸 Breakfast/coffee at lots of different restaurants
📸 Your dog wearing different outfits
📸 Between your horse’s ears on different hacking routes
📸 Your children in the same place in your home, as they grow
📸 The end of a day at work

💾 SAVE these to come back to later!

Create a regular feature of this one subject and repeat it over and over again (the same but different) within your content.

What series could you start on your grid? 🤔

🗣️ If you want to learn to make your phone photos beautiful, for your business, I have a free resource I can send you.

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Sophie Callahan

Taking the stress out of social media for women running small, British businesses. Marketing & mindset coach for female entrepreneurs in the UK.

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